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Why was William still said to have operated the grand central station of the underground railroad?

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Describe what the Underground Railroad was and how it operated?

it was a series of houses that helped slaves get to Canada a group of unorganized whites and blacks who provided assistance to fugitive slaves its where harrit tuban kicke

How was the underground railroad operated?

Secretly and usually at night. The network of moving slaves to freedom was known as "railroad". Code names were used such as "conductors, stations, depots, etc. Underground me

How do you get to Grand Central Station from Penn Station?

Penn Station is at 33rd to 34th Street, between 8th Avenue (west entrance) and 7th Avenue (east entrance). Walk up 8th or 7th Avenue to 42nd Street. Turn right onto 42nd and w

How big is grand central station?

New York's Grand Central Terminal has a total area of 70 acres.  It includes two levels for passengers with gates to dozens of tracks, a balcony level, and a two-story underg

Is the underground railroad still there?

The Underground railroad is not an actual railroad. It was a secret network of cooperation between slaves and those who helped them escape to freedom in attempts to give them

Union station to grand central station?

Not possible these days. Amtrak no longer has service to Grand Central Terminal. BTW - Grand Central Station is the subway station. The railroad station is Grand Central Ter

How do you get from Grand Central Station to William Street in Manhattan?

Take the S shuttle train (color code grey) west across 42nd Street, from Grand Central Station (East 42nd) to Times Square (West 42nd). At the 42nd Street-Times Square Station

On the underground railroad what were stations and conductors?

The underground railroad (not a railroad and mostly not underground) was the network that helped slaves escape to the North prior to the Civil War. The term "stations" referre

How do you get from Brooklyn to Grand Central Station?

It's impossible to say, without knowing exactly where in Brooklyn you're coming from. Brooklyn is almost 100 square miles in area and almost all of New York City's subway line