Why was ancient Greek theater important to the Greeks?

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Theatre was part of religious festivals, in which they participated either on the stage or as spectators. Interestingly the farmer-warriors were happy to dance and sing the female parts in the chorus. Each day during the festivals there was a sequence of a trilogy of tragedy, followed by a satyr play and by a comedy. The function of the tragedies was catharsis - cleaning out the spirit - and the void left by this cleansing was recharged with the other two.
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What was the ancient greek theater for?

it was there because Greeks liked plays it was there because Greeks liked plays NO. It was oridantly a seomony to please the gods and eventually grew from there

What kind of theater did the ancient Greeks do?

The Ancient Greeks had 2 main genres. Comedy and Drama. It is thought that they enjoyed watching the story so they could relate how the story would relate to them for solution

Why was there an altar at the ancient greek theater?

Because the greek theatre was a sacred space and the entire building was used to honour Dionysus god of wine, the vine and theatre. The theatre was only used once each year fo

How was ancient Greek theater funded?

Some Greek theater was funded by the city state. However a Choreguswas a wealthy individual that would supply what was not covered bythe state.

Why was the theater in ancient Greeks important in their culture?

First off, I'd like to challenge the implicite assumtion that theater was important in greek culture, or at least that it was more important to greek culture than any other ar