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Is Johnnie Walker good scotch?

It is a good blended Scotch. There are many levels of Johnny Walker and they all taste different and have there own uniqueness. For a great scotch try Johnny Walker Blue.

Where can you buy Johnnie Walker oldest?

Your best bet would be eBay. Over the past three years, I've seen two bottles of Oldest sold on eBay. I bought them both. Best of luck! update Aug 5th I've got a bottle (MORE)
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Is Johnnie Walker a scotch or a whiskey?

First, let's clarify something: Scotch is a type of whisky, but not all whisky is Scotch. To be Scotch, it must be produced in Scotland according to certain specific guideline (MORE)
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What is the price of Johnnie Walker whisky in US?

There are several varieties of whiskey marketed under the Johnnie Walker label. Below are some sample US prices: . Johnnie Walker Red $19-$27 . Johnnie Walker Black $32-$4 (MORE)
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What is Johnny Walker White Label?

Johnnie Walker "white label", is actually really called "Old Highland Whiskey" and was dropped from the Johnnie Walker lineup during World War I. Extremely rare and extremely (MORE)