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Why was the Russo Japanese war significant to the Russian revolution?

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What was the effect of the Russo-Japanese War?

    Japan emerged as a major world power. Russia, already suffering from uprisings against the government, transitioned from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional

Who won the Russo-Japanese War?

Japan won the majority of battles on land and sea, but the Japanese had 47,152 lives lost while the Russians only lost 25,331 lives lost. No one really won the war, Theodore R

How did the russo-japanese war help to ignite the revolutions in Russia?

It fuelled the flames of discontent within the country. Example: When the battleship crewmen of the Russian Battleship Potemkin (stationed in the Black Sea) received news of t

Why was the Russo-Japanese war humiliating to The Russian Empire?

Well, the most people thought of Russians as big mean brutes, kinda like barbarians. And most people thought of the Japanese to be small people who couldn't do anything. but t

What happened in the Russo-Japanese War?

The first great war of the 20th century: Tsarist Russia dispatched two of her battleship fleets to fight the Japanese battleship fleets at the Yellow Sea and Tsushima Strates.

What was the Russo-Japanese War?

It was a war fought between Russia and Japan in 1904 thru most of 1905 and the first major war of the 20th century. It was a precursor to World War I and reduced the Russian f

How did the russo Japanese war cause the Russian revolution?

  Russia's government was shaken by the 1905 Revolutions and Bloody Sunday which were partly caused by the Russo-Jap war. The citizens of Russia were unhappy with their co

What caused the Russo-Japanese war?

The Russo-Japanese war (1904-1905) was a competition for control of Manchuria, Korea and ports in northern China. The Russians wanted a warmer Pacific port because theirs woul

What were the effects of the russo-japanese war?

There were three major effects:     1. Establishment of the Japanese Imperial Navy as a major naval power.     2. Removal of the Russian Navy from the European n

What were the problems with the Russo-Japanese war?

For the Russians their battlefleets had to travel 18,000 miles one way just to get there. Their armies had to march or railroad a long distance to get to the front. Transporta