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Why water based diseases and water bred diseases are more widespread in rural areas than in urban areas?

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Why are water bodies in urban areas more polluted than water bodies in rural areas?

Water is more polluted in cities because of people who pollute water by gas pours, motor oil, waste in the water, putting in chemicals and sewages. In countries water isn't as

Why would an earthquake be more of a problem in urban areas than in rural areas?

there is a higher chance of death because in rural areas, there are less things to fall on you, and also there are not many modern appliances such as power lines or gas pipes.

Why water-based and water-bred diseases are widespread in th wet season?

There is more rain during the wet season and so there are more chances of accumulation of water and so more chances of water-based diseases as the vector(carrier) has more wat

Why are the more crashes in urban areas than rural areas?

There are a number of reasons that there are more crashes in urban areas than rural areas. 1) Increased Number of People: Urban areas of the country are roughly 75% of the U

Why water based and water-bred diseases are more widespread in rural?

In rural area, you usually have poor sanitation. People do have opportunity and need to go for open defecation there. Flies and other vectors may carry the disease causing age