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Why were George and Lennie out of Weed from of mice and men?

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Why did George shoot Lennie in 'Of Mice and Men'?

The ultimate reason why George killed Lennie is because George knew  that it was more humane to end Lennie's life quickly, the police or  others like Curly who wanted reveng

In the novel 'Of Mice and Men' why does George kill Lennie?

Lennie just had to die and george knew that. it wasn't nesesarily his fault. If Lennie was to die then they would just have to keep running away and hoping for their ranch but

In Of Mice and Men why does George travel with Lennie?

  George feels that because he and Lennie are family he has to protect him. Also he feel sympathy for Lennie whopossesses the mind of a child. One of the book's themes see

Why is this dream so important to Lennie and George in the Of Mice and Men?

This dream is so important to both men because it is the extreme important part of the book because it is what makes Lennie and George's friendship unique. Also this dream is

What was george and Lennie dream in Of Mice and Men?

Their dream was to have land of their own. A small farm with cows, chickens and rabbits. That's why Lennie always talks about George's promise that he can tend to the rabbits.

What are major differences between George and Lennie in of mice and men?

George is smaller than Lennie more protective of Lennie and he thinks before he makes an action or speaks Lennie is tremendous in size he has a mind of a child he doesn't thin