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Why were casualties of civilian populations high during World War 1?

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Who was the last casualty in World War 1?

  Depends on who you talk to but.... The news was quickly given to the armies during the morning of 11 November, but even after hearing that the armistice was due to start

How many civilians died in London during World War 1?

There were air raids by German Zeppelin craft on London, the Midlands and the east coast of England. Im not sure about the exact total figure but over 500 Londoners died in th

Who was the first casualty of world war 1?

Austro Hungary declared the war to Serbia on 28. July 1914. and  attacked the same evening.   Serbian troops destroyed the railway bridge over river Sava and the  Austri

How were civilians affected by casualties in World War Two?

In WWII there were actually more civilian casualties than armed forces casualties. Many children lost their entire family. Millions of families lost their sons, brothers, fath

Why was it important to keep civilian morale high during the war?

total war demanded that civilians work tirelessly to produce and conserve goods needed to keep the war going. if civilians were unhappy, they might not work well or they might

How did civilians help during world war 2?

  Answer   woman not only kept up their house work, but also took on the jobs that men normally did in those days- they worked in factories to make weapons and planes

Why was the casualty rate so high during World War 1?

There were a few reasons why the casualty rate was so high in WW1. the figure sits around 118 out of every 1000 mobilised. that's an overall rate of what 11.8%. considering th

How many casualties where there in the World War 1?

The total number of casualties in World War I, both military and civilian, were about 37 million: 16 million deaths and 21 million wounded. The total number of deaths includes

How were the civilians affected by World War 1?

(I have generally deleted the previous answer and replaced it with my own, as all but 1 minor point are covered and expanded upon in my answer, Alex) Why the British citize

What are the casualties during world war 1 in different countries?

  Total casualties is just a little ambiguous: combat casualties, non battle troop deaths, military wounded, civilian deaths or other variables. The figures cited here wil