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Why were casualties of civilian populations high during World War 1?

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What was the act of congress that put civilians in military service during World War 1?

Selective service act.

Why did so many civilians die during World War 1?

There was a catastrophic outbreak of influenza during WW I which was the largest single cause of civilian death. In addition, the war was tremendously destructive, and it disr

How many civilians died in London during World War 1?

There were air raids by German Zeppelin craft on London, the Midlands and the east coast of England. Im not sure about the exact total figure but over 500 Londoners died in th

What was it like to be a civilian during World War 1?

  It was horrible not knowing the outcome of the war, however you wanted it to end and your side to be victorious.   It was horrible not knowing the outcome of the war,

How were civilians affected by casualties in World War Two?

In WWII there were actually more civilian casualties than armed forces casualties. Many children lost their entire family. Millions of families lost their sons, brothers, fath

World War 1 american casualties?

America arrived late in WW1, and as a result had little effect on the outcome of the war. American casualties of WW1 equals to about 39,000 whereas Australia had over 61,000 c

Why were casualties so high on the western front in World War 1?

  High casualties in WW1   On the Western Front the two sides were fairly evenly matched. The war became a 'war of attrition'. It was very much a conflict of numbers

Why was the casualty rate so high during World War 1?

There were a few reasons why the casualty rate was so high in WW1. the figure sits around 118 out of every 1000 mobilised. that's an overall rate of what 11.8%. considering th

What are the casualties during world war 1 in different countries?

  Total casualties is just a little ambiguous: combat casualties, non battle troop deaths, military wounded, civilian deaths or other variables. The figures cited here wil