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What is auto-focus means?

  It is the same as a auto target function in a shooting game, though I assume that this refers to a camera.   In the world of photography, I would say that it takes wh (MORE)
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How does an auto focus camera work?

Autofocus works in one of three ways:   # Infrared light reflects off the subject and back to a photocell, and a computer calculates the distance based on the length of t (MORE)

Advantages of auto focus on camera?

  The advantage with auto focus over manual focus, is that it usually is much faster in focusing correctly. Imagine that you are going to take pictures of jogger running t (MORE)

How does the overdrive work on a Ford Focus auto?

It makes the car have that "extra gear" which allows you to cruise the roads with a 4th gear rather than have only 3 gears without overdrive THERE IS A BUTTON ON THE SHIFTER, (MORE)

What does auto focus mean in photography?

Auto Focus on a camera is the camera is focusing on the main object in the photo and blurring out the rest of the background around the object or person, you can turn it off, (MORE)

I have a Nikon DSLR camera and the auto focus is loud so i cannot leave that on all the way through a video. Does anyone know a Wired or Wireless remote that i could use with a focus feature in video?

A remote isn't what you're looking for. If the camera has an mic-in input, plug a microphone away from the camera there. If not, use an external recorder for audio and sync it (MORE)