Why won't Car start without jump start?

Because there is insufficient energy to the starter and/or ignition system. Possible reasons: . That typically occurs when the battery is not fully charged or incapable of (MORE)

What could be the problem if your car won't start when you push it or jump-start it?

. your starter is fried-your flywheel may have teeth missing.. Another Opinion . I can see where the above comment would apply to the jump-start situation. But the flywhee (MORE)

Why won't a car start that has a new charged battery without being jump started?

From your question, I assume the car will not start on the new battery alone, but will start if you add a "jump" to it. The bushings inside the starter may be worn and the sta (MORE)

Why won't your car start after jumping it to another car's battery?

It may be because the battery is still dead. Once the car is started with a jump, you need to let the car run for a while so the alternator charges the battery, or it is just (MORE)

What does it mean if your car won't start after a jump?

If the car does not stay running , or wont start at all on jumping? First thought no gas. Also ignition system. alternator mainly the reason you had no power to start in the f (MORE)

What if you try and jump a car and it still won't start?

if it won't do anything check your connections making sure black to negative and red to positive. if you have the headlights on and they don't dim when you try to start it, it (MORE)