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Why would a male turkey suddenly be wobbly?

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What is a correct name for a male turkey?

Correct name for a male turkey is White Tom or Gobbler.

Are butterball turkeys female or male?

All store bought chickens and turkeys are female. The reason is simple. Males are disruptive in the henhouse. Males have a bigger bone structure and less meat. Males have a lo

Which are larger male turkey or female turkey?

the answer is that the male turkey looks bigger because of its feathers and the fact that it is tall. but the female is stockier and has more meat

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Why would the steering wheel wobble?

Steering Wheel WobbleI'm no expert, however, you can check the following: brake pads could be uneven, the rotor might be damaged or worn uneven, a bent rim, an out-of-round ti

How are male turkeys different for female turkeys?

The male turkeys are bigger also a lot meaner than females. The males will attack you and the females won't hurt you. Females weigh around 25lbs and males weigh about 45lbs.

How male turkeys different from female turkeys?

  You can tell male turkeys from females by the beard and size of the bird.

Is the turkey you have for dinner male or female?

  In Europe, most of the turkeys sold for human consumption are female. Apparently, the male ones have an unpleasant smell.   Robert

Who were the wobblies?

wibbly wobblies are small children's toys that have a rounded bottom and therefore they wobble

Why would new tires and rims wobble?

%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS%     Did you get the exact same style rims? If the rims are different, they may require different lug nuts. Please follow up on this, I am very cur

What would cause a male in his 40s to suddenly be afraid of heights to the point of paralyzing fear?

  Answer   All it would take would be a trigger of some kind causing a frightening feeling eg a panic attack, then a fear of that feeling repeating itself, evenutall

Why is your male cat suddenly so horny?

There may be a cat in the neighborhood that's gone into heat. A cat  can smell that scent from almost a mile away. Even if your cat is  kept solely indoors, it's still likel