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Why would a male turkey suddenly be wobbly?

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Why would the steering wheel wobble?

Steering Wheel WobbleI'm no expert, however, you can check the following: brake pads could be uneven, the rotor might be damaged or worn uneven, a bent rim, an out-of-round ti

Why would new tires and rims wobble?

%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS%     Did you get the exact same style rims? If the rims are different, they may require different lug nuts. Please follow up on this, I am very cur

Why would the brake pedal wobble?

 Answer   Your front brake rotors are warped. They need to be removed and turned true on a lathe. Many auto parts stores offer this service. 

What would cause a male in his 40s to suddenly be afraid of heights to the point of paralyzing fear?

Answer . All it w ould take would be a trigger of some kind causing a frightening feeling eg a panic attack, then a fear of that feeling repeating itself, evenutally beco

Why would car wobble when changing lanes?

  Because your steering wheel is being turned, which puts your tires in another position rather than straight. You might need an alignment, or a wheel balancing.