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What if mother dog kills puppy?

wrong you have to separate them for a couple weeks or moths then see how it turns out put them back together if the mom try to kill one then you really need to call the vetena (MORE)

Why would a female dog kill a new puppy?

Not all dogs are good with puppies. Puppies can be very rude and annoying. An adult with little patience or experience with puppies may expect the puppy to act like a well-beh (MORE)

Would a 8 year old dog mother a puppy?

Most dogs at about 7 or 8 aren't used by breeders for health reasons, but some dogs are still fertile at that age. If you're going to breed the dog then make sure she's very h (MORE)

Would a dog be jealous if you got a new puppy?

It would depend a lot on the temperament of the dog, and how the puppy is introduced. I have seen some dogs be territorial, and try to hurt the new puppy. I have seen others c (MORE)

A mother dog would never forget her first puppies?

I belive a mother dog would never forget her first litter because it probably made her feel special and a very good mom. If that really happens then that would be so sweet. My (MORE)