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Can black kids have red hair?

Definitely. You could have a recessive gene from 4-5 generations ago, that was awakened by the gene of the other parent. Result could be red hair, blonde, or green, blue eyes. (MORE)
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Can black people have sandy red hair?

Yes, Black people can have any color hair on the color wheel if they use hair dyes. If you are specifically referring to their "natural' hair color, then yes, they can have ma (MORE)
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Why black hair turn to gray?

Y our hair turn gray is when you lose pigment. Pigment is the colour inside our hair. When people get older, there bodies don't produce as much pigment as when they are young. (MORE)
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Where does red hair in a black person come from?

Red hair is caused by having two recessive genes.   The English elite used English and Irish slaves in the carribean, before using Black people. Whites were a large majoi (MORE)

How does olive oil turn your hair black?

The main reason hair turns gray or white is a lack of the proteins that provide the pigment for the hair. Heated olive oil applied to the hair may make it slightly darker, but (MORE)
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How can you turn your black hair blond?

ya you can dye it by bleaching it i think you use hydrogen peroxide and then let it sit for awhile there u go then you add the hair dye to it to get the color that's just what (MORE)