WikiReviewers Program

The WikiReviewers Program is dedicated to increasing the quality of the site's content. Members of this program clarify questions, correct spelling and grammar, balance answers, detect and remove plagiarism, research older questions, and complete other tasks to make an even better place to ask and answer questions.

Below is a list of the things we look for in potential new members:

1. The applicant must have at least 20 well written answers. This means they must contain proper spelling and grammar. This does not include answers such as “Yes.” or “Your mom.”

2. The applicant must be at least 13 years of age.

3. Site contributions made by contributors who wish to join the WikiReviewers are reviewed by Robin, the program coordinator, to determine which level(s) they would most likely excel in. If they qualify for more than one division, they can choose one division from their suggested divisions.

4. A member must be in good standing with the site. A warning or block will not automatically disqualify you, but it will be reviewed. Any past combative or disrespectful behavior towards fellow contributors or Supervisors will be scrutinized, and may result in automatic denial concerning your request to join WikiReviewers.

5. The applicant must have a working email address.

6. Members are not required to be supervisors to join.

WikiReviewers Divisions

There are two divisions of WikiReviewers. Editors at Large are supervisors and Copy Editors are non-supervisors. Each division focuses on different problematic areas on the site by completing missions designed especially for their division. As the WikiReviewer’s number of missions accrue, they will achieve a higher status in their division as follows:

Honorable Mention 50-149 missions Pulitzer Prize 150-249 missions Nobel Prize 250-2499 missions Golden Quill Award 2500+ missions

Managing Editors is a team of established WikiReviewers who act as assistants to the WikiReviewers program coordinator. They perform tasks such as messaging program members with announcements, suggesting possible missions, monitoring program members' contributions, tutoring members on correct procedures and various others when needed.


managing-editor.gif Become a WikiReviewer

If you have questions or would like to become a WikiReviewer, contact Robin, the program coordinator or email her at . > Wiki Answers > WikiReviewers Program