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Do Android phones update themselves?

Well, not exactly you need to update Android device. Look it's like updates have been seeded by the vendor and you will be asked to proceed with the update.
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Why would you want to root an Android phone?

some of the most common reasons for rooting are; speed up/overclock the processorto remove system apps (uninstallable pre-installed apps) to gain memory space to install the (MORE)

How can i update youtube on Android phone?

Apps are updated through the Google Play Store. Simply launch the Play Store and either tap the button at the top that looks like an arrow facing down or press menu > My Apps. (MORE)

What is a rooted android phone?

A rooted android phone is exactly like a jailbroken iPhone, you have access to more customization and there are no more restrictions you can do almost... ANYTHING(almost). I d (MORE)

What are benefits of rooting android phone?

Usually root tools can root any android 2.2  upto android 4.4.For advance users, you can also configure  sysctl.conf to maximize the device's performance.what's more,it can (MORE)