Will a woman with gestational diabetes not get diabetes in later life?

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What impact does gestational diabetes have on the placenta?

Gestational diabetes affects the mother only after the baby's body has been formed. So no birth defects, but babies may develop low blood glucose and breathing difficulty. T

What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy in under 10% of women.There are few symptoms and it is usually diagnosed during normalblood tests done when you become pregnant. I

What is insulin dependent gestational diabetes?

Insulin dependent gestational diabetes is diabetes in pregnancythat must be treated with insulin. Some women may have milder casesand can lower their blood sugar through diet

How do you treat gestational diabetes?

Treatment of gestational diabetes depends on the severity of the case. For women who test on the borderline of gestational diabetes, often the only treatment is a diabetic

What is the danger in having gestational diabetes?

The main risk is a baby that gains too much weight in the womb. When your body is not processing sugar regularly (due to insulin resistance) that sugar enters the bloodstream

When is gestational diabetes discovered?

Doctors typical test for gestational diabetes around week 24 to 28of a woman's pregnancy. If you have a history of diabetes you maybe tested earlier.

What is a healthy diet when you have gestational diabetes?

A healthy diabetic diet involves strictly limiting carb and sugar intake. In most cases you don't have to completely eliminate carbs and sugars from your diet, but they need t

Gestational diabetes test?

The gestational diabetes test, or blood glucose tolerance test, istypically done between week 24 and 28 of a woman's pregnancy. Thewoman drinks a sugary drink and her blood is