What mediums where threatened by the introduction of tv?

The film industry may have been threatened but in fact, televisionwas considered a fad when it was first invented so I can't imaginethey actually felt or ever were actually th (MORE)

How do you cancel a sky tv account?

You speak to Sky Customers services and simply tell them you want to cancel the account, they usually require one month notice to cancel, then cancel the Direct Debit with you (MORE)

What is a cancellation of a tv show?

When a televison show is not aired. Reasons may include: ~ something more important is on (olympics, president speech) ~ two programs collided, and the other one won. ~ th (MORE)
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What is direct TV?

Direct TV is a satellite company that provides premium television to your home. It is connected through the use of a small dish and a receiver box. It provides basic and premi (MORE)
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Why is FX on Direct TV being canceled?

It's probably the cable company changing your package. In the UK, Virgin media changes the channels offered in its packages periodically. For example - we're about to lose 'Ed (MORE)