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Sloane piano raise your voice?

When Hillary Duff is coming into the room Sloan is playing Brams- hungarian dance #5. When Sloan VS Kiwi- she's playing beethoven's tempest sonata 31
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What is the movie raise your voice about?

the movie raise your voice is about a girl and her brother going to a concert and the brother gets hit by a car and the sister goes to a performing arts school and sees a diff (MORE)

Why do parents raise their voice?

the reason they raise they voice is to get your attention or they're worried about you and want you to take note of what they're saying well there you go
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Is there a raise your voice 2 movie?

no, there is no Raise Your Voice 2 . I think it would be awesome to have a second one, it could work really well .. but Raise Your Voice came out in 2004, it is now almost 201 (MORE)

Is raising your voice the same as yelling?

this question is a matter of opinion if somebody raises their voice and say "don't" in an urging way then no it wouldnt be classified as yelling but if it were saying like " (MORE)

What difference between raising voice and shouting?

Raising your voice is talking louder, and possibly with a little 'attitude'. Shouting is talking as loud as you possibly can, usually with anger. It would be one type of 'rai (MORE)

What are the release dates for American Masters - 1985 Sweet Honey in the Rock Raise Your Voice 19-2?

American Masters - 1985 Sweet Honey in the Rock Raise Your Voice 19-2 was released on: USA: 12 June 2005 (San Francisco Black Film Festival) USA: 29 June 2005 USA: 15 J (MORE)