What is the code for your Bose lifestyle v10 remote to work on your Emerson flat screen tv model LC320EM8A?

SInce the Bose uses an RF (radio frequency) remote, and the TV is most likely IR (infra red), you will have to use the IR extenders that came in the box, plug into the IR port (MORE)
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How do you install wireless Bose surround sound?

Wireless Bose surround sound are very quick and easy to install. They provide excellent sound quality with a quick and easy instillation. The first step in the instillation is (MORE)
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Is it difficult to install Bose surround sound?

It is moderately easy to install by yourself. It'll make it easier if you understand the surround sound speakers and determine the place to install the Bose beforehand.
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What is Bose surround sound and what is it used for?

Bose surround sound speakers are used to enhance TV watching or music listening experience. The speakers are designed to give a richer, truer quality to the sound, making the (MORE)

What is the dish network remote code for Bose CineMate series II?

We only have two codes for a Bose sound system. The codes are 761, 780. If those don't work you can try a Power Scan. I have listed the steps below! Power Scan to TV: (MORE)
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Where can one purchase a Bose remote control?

A Bose remote control can be found and purchased at Radio Shack, Walmart, CompUSA and Best Buy. Be sure to find the one compatible with your television set.