With in 1-2 lakh how to open small scale industrie?

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What is a small scale industry?

A small scale industry is a business or project is created on either a small budget or for a small group of people. For instance if someone starts a laundry service just aroun

Small scale industry?

is that industry which has less amount of workers,no machineryis used,less transport,there are no transformers to do the work,all the work is done by hands e.g embroidery ETC.

Advantages of small scale industries?

Advantages of establishing small scale industries: 1. Employment 2. Meets the demand of local market 3. Gainful Employment to women 4. Less burden on imports 5. Less Capital

Characteristics of small scale industries?

Characteristics of a Small Scale Business A few examples of small-scale businesses include a flea market or shopping mall booth, a consultancy business, or even a computer re

List of small scale industry?

Some of the trades in the small scale industry include weaving,sculpting and tailoring. Landscaping, daycare centers and nannycare jobs also fall in small scale industry.

Type of small scale industries?

The SSIs are broadly classified into following categories: manufacturing, assembling, processing; services; and repairing and maintenance

What is small scale and large scale industry?

small scale industry:- 1.these industry employ less no. of persons. 2.most of the wok is done by man power and small machines. 3.Raw-material used are less so production al