Would taking diet pills harm you fetus?

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Can you take a diet pill if your 13 why or why not?

Answer . \nI wouldn't advise it without your dr's consent. Diet pills can damage your body and taking them at a young age depending on what they contain could lead to you not being able to have children.

Can taking amoxicillin during preconception harm a fetus?

During preconception , it is advisable to be as healthy as possibleto ensure the health of the future. If amoxicillin is prescribed,it is important to follow the doctors orders to regain health priorto conception.

Can you take diet pills and Effexor xr?

diet pills aren't good for you anyway, and if you are taking effexor then I'm guessing you have depression problems. If you are worried about your weight, I know you have heard this 100,000 times. exercise, but you need to build lean muscle and not bulk ones. What you do is take something that isn't ( Full Answer )

Can you take expired diet pills?

You should not take any pills beyond the posted expiration date. While in the case of some pills, it is due to maximum potency, others may include side effects. In any case, it is not worth taking the chance.

Can you take thyroid pills on hcg diet?

One may take any medication needed on the Protocol, however it is likely, particularly with thyroid medication, that the weight reduction rate will not be as rapid as otherwise. This should not be a deterrent, though, as it will still be superior to any other weight loss regimen. It will be importan ( Full Answer )

Can taking antibiotics harm a fetus?

There are certain antibiotics for women when they are pregnant that are safe to take, talk to your Dr. if you are on antibiotics and pregnant. Hope this helps.

Can you take diet pills with fluoxetine?

The simultaneous use of fluoxetine with triptans, tramadol or other serotonergic agents can result in a rare, but potentially life-threatening adverse drug reaction called serotonin syndrome.

Can you take diet pills after a gastric bypass?

As far as I know, you don't need diet pills after gastric bypass procedure since your new and smaller stomach size will be enough to generate faster weight loss.

Can birth control pills harm the fetus?

No, birth control pills will not harm or end an existing pregnancy. But a pregnant women stops taking birth control because it is of no use.

What is the best diet pill to take your appitite?

Most all diet pills won't completely suppress your appetite. What you've got to consider when doing any diet is your what your normal caloric intake should be and try to stay below that, with or without a diet pill. I have tried a few diet pills and I think TriSlim does the best job at suppressin ( Full Answer )

Can you take ecstasy with hydroxycut diet pills?

never good to mix pills of any kind.. My friend from high school was on hydroxycut when she went to a rave with us one night.she had taken the pill and forgot to eat.she had only one pill and i started to notice she looked scared about something. when i asked her if she was ok, she put my hand on h ( Full Answer )

What if you take you dieting pill at age 13?

That is not healthy. At age 13 your body is very young and able to replenish yourself easily. If you eat a healthy diet with moderate exercise you should be able to see results faster than almost anyone. Diet pills can cause stomach ulcers, blood pressure problems, and heart disease. I took a die ( Full Answer )

If you're pregnant and take diet pills will that harm the baby?

You can't take anything that is not tested on pregnant women when you are regnant and these products seldom are. And unless you are obese there is no reason to diet when pregnant and if needed it has to be done under your doctors supervision.

Why do people take diet pills?

they take diet pills because like models they want to be skinny, to lose weight fast and to look beautiful so people won't make fun of how they look because maybe they are over weight or fat.

Can you take diet pills with SEROQUEL?

It will depend the kind of diet pills your taking and how much seriquel you are taking as well. Ive currently been on 50mg of seriquel for 4years to help with my insomnia and have taken many diet pills of different brands over those last few years with no negative effect. If you are unsure, consult ( Full Answer )

Can you take diet pills with thyroid medicine?

It's harder for people with thyroid diseases to lose weight. A diet pill is probably not the best idea, but yes, you can take one with your thyroid medicine, but many hours apart from you thyroid medicine, so it doesn't interfere

Can children take diet pills?

first read the label and see if it is safe or call their doctor and check with them.

On the HCG Diet can you take Hydrocortisone pills?

Well, I don't know if you really should or not, but I did and survived, but I was taking 20 mg and still lost 30 pounds. But I have gained back 15 pounds and am still on 15 mg cortisol, so.... I want to try again hence the reason I found this question. Good to know there are others out there with ad ( Full Answer )

When taking diet pills do you have to exercise and diet too?

Absolutely! If you want to achieve the maximum results of your pill you should be exercising and eating about 5 small well-balanced meals throughout the day. There is no magic pill that will make you loose weight, you will have to work hard in order to achieve results.

Can you take diet pills with Xanax?

First of all I would like to say, diet pills are not safe to use. If you are in any other medication with Xanax or any pills it would be better to take the doctor suggestions before going across with other medicines. Some pills may have medical interference and it leads major health issues.

Can a patient with PKD take diet pills?

lets put pkd aside. diet pills are bad for you anyway. i would not take and ask a doctor if you are unsure of anything, hes the one who knows best. Jack Rogerson - Pulsejet@live.co.uk

How do you take the pills 2 day diet?

Take one or two pills in the morning every day before eatingbreakfast and drink a loooot of water. As your doctor if he or shethinks you should take your pills at a different time. GoodLuck :D

What happens if you take diet pills then take NyQuil?

i ended up falling asleep and waking up feeling awful, like someoneslapped me in the face and punched me in the gut. I still feeldelirious now and feel hungry and naseaus at the same time....Icertainly will not be doing that again

Can taking pills harm your unborn baby?

Almost any drugs have the ability to cause harm during pregnancy - depending when they are used and what their purpose. Prescription medication taken by the mother need to be discussed honestly with her doctor, some medications are more harmful than others and often can be safely substituted durin ( Full Answer )

Can you take diet pills with Vyvanse?

No; Vyvanse is a stimulant which will cause loss of appetite and aid in weight loss. Combining Vyvanse with another stimulant or diet pill greatly increases your risk of adverse cardiac reactions such as heart attack and dangerously high blood pressure.

Can you take the diet pill phentremine while taking an antidepressant?

No, you can suffer severe consequences. See your pharmacist for any questions. Never take any over the counter drug or other drugs or alcohol with an antidepressant. You can get printouts of things NEVER to take with your antidepressant on the web site of your drug. You can get a list from your phar ( Full Answer )

Is it harmful to a fetus in the third trimester to take clonazepam?

\n. I am a neurologist who sub-specializes in epilepsy and often find myself considering this very question for women who begin having auras in their third trimester and are already on higher doses of their baseline antiepileptic medication that I do not want to increase further. The problem is t ( Full Answer )

Would taking too many Tylenol pills be harmful?

Yes. The maximum daily dosage of Tylenol (acetaminophen) is 4,000 mg. In the case of an overdose, especially a severe overdose of 7,000 mg or more, immediate medical help should be sought. If treatment is received within 8 hours, the chance of recovery is very good. Without rapid treatment, a very l ( Full Answer )

Who would benefit from the alli diet pill?

Almost anyone who enjoys eating can benefit from taking the pill. One can eat almost like they did before the pill, except for now they would have to moderate their intake of fat.

Can taking diet pills cause an miscarriage?

There is no research on diet pills and pregnancy but they always say don't use it. Diet pills are not for children so that should say it all. I doubt they would make you abort but it could hurt the fetus. You should never diet when pregnant.

How would you take you-pill and when?

Birth Control pills are taken daily. It is recommended that you take them at the same time each day and with some food in your stomach to avoid upset stomach. Anytime of day is fine & the packet is segmented with 28 pills in individual packets so you will know if you missed one or have already taken ( Full Answer )

Are ace diet pills safe to take?

There is no scientifically or medically approved diet pill on the planet, therefore the answer would be - no.. You take such pills at your own risk. . Absolutely none of them have scientific or medical backing, no matter what they claim. The majority of so-called diet pills tested in medical la ( Full Answer )

Is it harmful to your baby if you take pain pills?

It depend what you mean by pain pills. Aspirin? Aleve? Narcotic? If you read the label there should be information and the first two are OK if you follow the directions.

Do you have take fruta planta diet pills?

Hi,I being on the Reduce Weight Fruta Planta Weight Loss Capsules(SHOPPING at (See related Link),I lost 20 pounds in a little bit less than 2 month I know it has natural plants and said is safe to take, i have no side effects at all,just so sleepy,and sometimes Im not hungry at all but I try to eat ( Full Answer )