Would tenerife be included in European travel insurance?

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Do you need a visa to travel to tenerife from the UK?

As it it classed as the EU (as it is classed as a spanish island) you can stay for up to 90 days without a visa. Please note: To work in Tenerife you will need a working vis

How much time on your passport to travel to tenerife?

Tenerife belongs to Spain. if you are an American citizen, you are required to have 3 months more on your passport than your planned visit. Se this site and read under "entry

What would you need travel insurance for?

Because things will never go perfectly or always according to plan you should definitely have travel insurance.Here's why:Your flight has been canceled.2. Your bags are lost a

Should you include travellers insurance in your travel plan?

Always in order to have coverage on things while you're traveling . If you were on the side of the road and something happens you can be covered even if youre somewhere that y

Does travel insurance for Europe include hospital insurance?

"That depends on what kind of travel insurance policy you are refering to. There are insurance policies you can buy that cover medical attention. Many times you must pay ""out

Where can I find cheap European travel insurance?

Flexicover Direct, Good to Go, Barclay's are good starting points for searching out cheap European travel insurance. Some insurance companies require medical statements, and
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Why would one need to purchase travel health insurance?

Travel Insurance is insurance for the traveler, which can be used for a trip abroad or in their own home country. Travel Insurance covers many areas such as bills for medical

What does Go Travel Insurance include?

Go Travel is located in the United Kingdom and specializes in trip and vacation travel. Go Travel has bad reviews by customers and received two stars out of a possible five s