Wrist watch does David Caruso wear on CSI Miami?

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Why do women prefer to wear wrist watches on the right arm instead of the left?

Not all women prefer to wear watches on the right arm. Besides there are men who also wear watches on their right arm. It is all about comfort. Some women prefer to have a nice bracelet on their left arm which is why watches are worn on the right. There is not strict rule - it's all about comfort. Both men and women sometimes are found to wear watches on their right hand but they are generally left handed. There is no rule Bogget

Does David Caruso answer his fan mail?

The truth is that most actors, be it TV series or movies, don't have the time to answer all their fan mail so they usually have people hired to do so. They may sign pictures of themselves and if it's good PR they may turn up at some events for certain people, but that's unlikely for most.. Answer . David Caruso, however, is known for answering his fan mail personally, albeit, briefly.

How can you wear a watch if you don't want one on your wrist?

simply put it in your neck...... Yes the old people used to keep their watch in their pockets.. This watch animation made in swf flash format is looking beautiful. You can keep it in your PC or Laptop . http://clocks.110mb.com/swf/watch_magic.swf

Why do baseball managers wear wrist watches?

Baseball managers wear wrist watches so that they can know how muchtime is left during a turn. Each team usually gets a chance to playas defense in one play and as the offense in a different play.

Why is CSI Miami still on TV?

csi Miami is still on TV because it is the most popular show ALL OVER THE WORLD. csi las Vegas is America's top tv drama, and most watched show. csi Miami is the most popular all over hte world.

What sunglasses does David Caruso wear on CSI Miami?

Silhouette 8568 sunglasses Sorry, but you are wrong. They are Maui Jim's, titanian rimless editions. They come in three different lens sizes, and I believe he has the ;argest of the three lens sizes. Soory but from the web....CSI:Miami has a contract with silhouotte for david carussos glasses.. Sorry your not right they are the Silhouette 8568 sunglasses I do believe

Was CSI Miami cancelled?

No CSI Miami was not canceled the season just ended. It starts again on September 22second along. . Agreed!. The problem with WikiAnswers is there are NO DATES shown for when the question was asked, and when the question was answered. So how is anyone to know what month/day/year or which TV season this Q & A is talking about? Is it regarding the 2008/2009 season or what? Any website, articles, blog, Q&A sites, etc. that do NOT PUT DATES on their posts is severely lacking in common sense. Thumbs Down to wikianswers!

What type of wrist-watch did Kubrick wear?

During the making of Killer's Kiss, Kubrick is seen in photos wearing a black nylon strap military style watch with a white face. In photos taken after Killers Kiss, he is wearing what could be the same watch with a silver linked band, but this could be an entirely different watch. In the seventies he is seen wearing a silver watch with a metal expansion band and during the making of Full Metal Jacket he has an olive drab digital watch. I cannot tell you the make or models of any of these watches from the photos alone. I can say he wore a pair of Nike sneakers during the filming of Eyes Wide Shut. :)

What is wrong in wearing watches on your right wrist?

Nothing wrong with it, just a bit uncommon. What happens though is that if you're right-handed the watch tends to get more scuffed and scratched than if you'd wear it on your left, as your right hand gets used more.

What wrist watch did US presidents wear?

This is a difficult question to answer without access to archival material. The internet suggests only one answer and that is a Timex Indiglo worn by Pres. G. W. Bush. I cannot verify the veracity of this. I have seen several different timepieces on Pres. Elect Obama's wrist. They are not identifiable in videos and still photos I have seen but appear to have two or three common features. They are all band rather than bracelet watches. They appear to have black faces and seem to have at least one complication. . Rolex

What wrist watch does George W. Bush wear?

I do know that a Clare wristwatch was presented to both Bush 41 and 43 by Gary Clare the owner of the Clare Watch Company. The Clare can be seen at www.clarewatch.com

When did men start wearing wrist watches?

men starting wearing wrist watches after rudy valley wore a wrist watch instead of a pocket watch during one of his movies. it was considered very feminine up to that time. ( not like pants to the uninformed )

Does David caruso dye his hair?

I would assume not since his eyebrows are red also. People can dyetheir eyebrows, but typically darker, red would be very unlikely.

Should you wear a wrist watch in a kitchen?

No because you can either lose it in the food even if it is tight fitting or you could get germs from the food on it and not wash it well enough when you wash your hands and it could just plain get in the way

Men wear watches on which wrist?

Actually both. I have seen most on left hand if right handed, a friend is left handed and wears on his right. Interestingly enough, I think I saw "lefty" watch on Amazon. Weird. check out www.menswatchfinder.com for more watch info.

How much does david caruso get paid?

$8,250,000 a year for David Caruso it means $687,500 per month, $171,875 per week or $34,375.00 per day! Actor David Caruso earns $375,000 per episode of CSI: Miami to overact and take his sun glasses off. That makes over eight million dollars a year for the 54-year-old who has been playing Lieutenant Horatio Caine since 2002. Caruso had appeared in numerous movies early in his career, but really became famous on NYPD Blue in 1993.

What part of Miami is CSI Miami filmed?

contrary to its name csi:miami isn't actually filmed in Miami itself :D the skyline is of Miami, but the actual shot are filmed at Manhattan beach in Los Angeles because LA has cheaper production and studio costs :) i hope i helped :D Some episodes are filmed in Miami like finales and premieres but most are films in LA

Why do people wear their watch on the left wrist?

A wristwatch is usually worn on the wrist that will get the least exposure to water and other spills, knocks and scratches and other damage. For a right handed person that would be the left wrist. Since most people are right handed, most watches are worn on the left wrist. Left handed people tend to wear theirs on their right wrist.

Why do people wear their watches facedown from their wrist?

Thinner people or people with large or protruding wrist bones find it much more comfortable to wear a wrist watch face down so that the largest part of the watch (the face) is not bruising and scraping their wrist bones all day. That's how they wear it in the army, so men can check the time while holding their rifle. I think that is why it is fashionable.

What Movies Does David Caruso Play In?

http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/An_Officer_and_a_Gentleman (1982) as Topper Daniels . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/First_Blood (1982) as Deputy Mitch . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Hill_Street_Blues (1981-1983) as Tommy Mann . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/TJ_Hooker (1983; episode "Requiem for a Cop" as Jennings) . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Thief_of_Hearts (1984) as Buddy Calamara . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Blue_City_(film ) (1986) as Joey Rayford . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/China_Girl_(1987_film ) (1987) as Mercury . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Twins_(1988_film ) (1988) as Al Greco . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/King_of_New_York (1990) as Dennis Gilley . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Hudson_Hawk (1991) as Kit Kat . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Mad_Dog_and_Glory (1992) as Mike . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/NYPD_Blue (1993-1994) as Det. John Kelly . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Kiss_of_Death_(1995_film ) (1995) as Jimmy Kilmartin . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Jade_(film ) (1995) as David Corelli . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Michael_Hayes_(TV_series ) (1997) as Michael Hayes . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Body_Count (1997) as Hobbs . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Proof_of_Life (2000) as Dino . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Session_9 (2001) as Phil . http://wiki.answers.com/w/index.php?title=Black_Point_(film)&action=edit&redlink=1 (2001) as John Hawkins . http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/CSI:_Miami (2002-Present) as http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Horatio_Caine

What is CSI Miami about?

CSI:Miami is about a team of CSI's who are lead by Horatio Caine(played by David Caroso, with his sunglasses and one-liners) while they investigate various crimes in Miami, Florida. There has been romance between Calleigh Duquense(Emily Procter) and Eric Delko(Adam Rodriguez) since season one and finally are doing something about it. The only ones left from the original cast are Horatio, Calleigh, and Eric. If you want to know just ask.

What wrist do you wear a watch?

There is no right or wrong wrist to wear a watch on. If you're right-handed, it's best to wear a watch on your left wrist and vice versa, but it's entirely your preference.

Was Kesha in CSI Miami?

where did u get that from? No she wasnt. BUT many persons like: Chris Pine, Ian Sommerhalder Zac Efron or Taylor Swift, appeared on csi Miami

Why did they cancel CSI Miami?

They did not cancel the show, it had reached its full potential and i believe david caruso did not want to do the show anymore and producers felt it would damage the show without him

Who is David Caruso dating now?

Anna Sarquiz the biggest hore on the planet. She has the lower extremedes the size of the great wall of china and it has grey hair. She is a Judy Lopez wanna be and she looks like sylvester stalone.

When will CSI Miami be back on TV?

Never . The show was cancelled and ended its run on April 8, 2012. Perhaps you can see it in syndication. You'll have to check your local listings.

How old is the actor David Caruso?

Actor David Caruso was born on January 7, 1956. This means that as of today (April 22, 2013) he is 57 years old. David Caruso is most famous for his lead role in the CSI - Miami television series.