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What sparked your interest in magic and mythical creatures?

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What is in Jamaica?

Lots of things such as Dunn's River Falls which is a popular waterfall. There are caves, four-wheeling and horseback riding tours, there is the Rose Hall manor which is said t (MORE)

Shawl Ministry: Creating Shawls to Bless Others

Prayer shawl ministries are popular in churches and other Christian groups throughout the United States. These ministries seek to support and comfort struggling friends, famil (MORE)
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An Overview of Jamaica

The island nation of Jamaica is located in the central area of the Caribbean Sea. Its geographic map coordinates are: 18 15 N, 77 30 W. Jamaica lies 90 miles due south of Cuba (MORE)
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What You Should Know About Jamaica's Hurricane Season

One of the first aspects to look at when planning a trip is the weather. As with many Caribbean destinations, Jamaica has a hurricane season. While this island is in the "hurr (MORE)
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Shabbat Blessings for Your Weekly Celebrations

Many religions have a particular day of the week that is set aside for focusing on the faith. In Judaism, this day is called Shabbat. Beginning at sundown on Friday, the obser (MORE)

Find Paradise at an Exotic Jamaican Resort

Paradise does exist and it can be found in Jamaica. Exotic, romantic, exciting, or relaxing, you can find it in one of their exclusive nude getaways. Jamaica is the nude resor (MORE)

Blessings for Hanukah

Hanukah, the Jewish "festival of lights," is a celebration that takes place in early winter. It commemorates a miracle, in which the oil lamps of a synagogue continued to burn (MORE)
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How can we be blessed?

We can be in too many ways to list here. Family, sufficient food, friends, etc. Your life is number one. If you recognize the blessings you have & what you do with them is (MORE)
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Is it Women's Ministries or Womens' Ministries?

It's Women's Ministries. The ministries belong to the women. If the baseball belonged to Jack, it would be Jack's baseball. If the treats belonged to the dogs, they would be t (MORE)