You are on lisopress high blood medication and want to become pregnant is this safe or what medication is?

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Is it safe to take pain medication while pregnant?

When you are pregnant you should only take medications that have been prescribed to you by a qualified medical doctor who knows you are pregnant (i.e.don't take medicines pres

What medication is best for high blood pressure?

It is not a matter of what we as patients think which high blood pressure medication on the market is the best. Your doctor (unless he/she is incompetent, a quack, or a shaman

How do you safely get off blood pressure medication?

When you discontinue blood pressure lowering medication, your body will naturally respond with a rise in blood pressure back to whatever levels would be present without the dr

How does medication reduce high blood pressure?

There are different types of medication for high blood pressure that do different things to reduce high blood pressure. For example, beta blockers open up the blood vessels, a