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You had to take plan b 3 times in one menstrual cycle all soon after sex you spotted a lot 6 days in a row and been very stressed could you be pregnant or would you have enough blood for your period?

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Could you be pregnant you had unprotected sex 26th dec and im 6 days late you have done 3 home test all neg but it hink its too soon?

  I am in exactly the same boat! except i had unprotected sex not long after my period which was in november.. Iv been told it could be too early to determine if you are p

If you had unprotected sex six days ago and then again one day after your period was over and now you are spotting a little could you be pregnant?

It is quite possible that you could be pregnant. Quite regularly after fertilisation spotting occurs but a normal regular period never does. many girls believe that his spotti