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How do you plug headphones into the iPad?

On the top of the ipad on the left to were you turn the ipad on/off there's a hole for your headphones. see your ipad, you will find two small hole. usually they are in gre (MORE)

If you plug in headphones with a microphone built in into a computer how can you make it work as both a microphone and a headphone?

The combined headphone/boom mic, usually have two 3.5mm plugs, color coded green and pink. Plug the green one into the headphone or speaker output and the pink one into the mi (MORE)

Is there any way to plug my phone up to my laptop via usb and use it as an audio device to listen to my computer's audio with headphones?

There will certainly be a suitable USB connector to link yourmobile to your laptop - most companies supply them in the box withthe phone anyway. However - It puzzles me why an (MORE)