Who invented the incubator for premature babies?

Answer . \nAmerica's first hospitals for premature infants were built at the turn of the 20th century at fairs, amusement parks and expositions. These hospitals represente (MORE)

Why are babies premature?

Baby's are premature because the don't get enough time to develop(grow) and they don't always get as much oxygen as needed. If u have any questions email me at daydreamer4814@ (MORE)

Why is a 21 week premature baby not liable?

It isn't viable because it isn't developed enough to survive outside of the pregnant woman's body. It can only survive at that time because it is stealing nutrients, air, bloo (MORE)
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Why do premature babies have respiratory distress?

Respiratory Distress Syndrom (RDS) is most common in babies bornbefore 34 weeks of pregnancy. Babies with RDS don't have a proteincalled surfactant that keeps small air sacs i (MORE)

Why are premature babies always sick?

Premature babies are not ALWAYS sick. If they are born extremely premature then they have a higher risk for things like infection, respiratory distress, NEC, just to name a fe (MORE)
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Who works with premature babies?

Perinatologists are the doctors who specialize in sick newborns. Pediatricians and NICU nurses are also caregivers to premature infants.