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What damage do ipods cause to your ears?

listen and listen well. Ipods, ipod touches, and everything that has earphones that go in your ears. Damage to the ears can be prevented! JUst dont put the ipod on too high wi (MORE)
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What came first the iPod shuffle or the iPod nano?

iPod Shuffle was released First The iPod Shuffle was released first I work in an Apple Store in California, the iPod Shuffle was released on January 11, 2005 at Macworld by (MORE)
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Do ipods damage ears?

That depends. If your headphones are slightly broken or your putting it on so loud someone else could hear it from 5ft away, they will damage your ears

Is there any apps for iPod nanos?

There are apps for iPod click wheel (iPod classic, iPod nano 4g & earlier etc...), but they all cost around 8 NZ dollars (Which I thing is about $6 US), there used to be free (MORE)
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What paints Ipod ear buds without and hardening or chipping?

Rubber based paint, which is also poisonous. I suggest buying some earbuds that are hey color you want them to be, skull candy had a website where you can custom make your p (MORE)