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What is the billing address for DirecTV billing?

If you misplace the pre-printed payment envelope, send your paymentto one of the following addresses: . If your ZIP code begins with: 0, 1 or 2 DIRECTV P.O. Box 830032 Balti (MORE)

I have been married for 23 year's and my spouse wants out of the marriage so how do i pay the bills?

You get a job. If you have children, you force your spouse to pay child support plus 1/2 medical expenses plus child care (try to get 100% since he wants the divorce) plu (MORE)

Can your spouse stop paying bills because he wants a divorce?

Not sure what you mean here since if you are married the both of you are responsible for paying your bills. If he wants to mess with you you can start paying the bills. As mar (MORE)
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Will directv bill you for ppvs even though you didnt buy it?

Yes. Recently I clicked on one of the porn channels and thing pops up saying you need to order to watch this channel. Well because I don't want to get caught looking at someth (MORE)