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Who is approved for a Section 8 Voucher?

Theoretically anyone can be approved for a section 8 voucher. Generally there is a limit on your income, and you must also qualify for section 8. For example, you must be a US

Can you get your section 8 voucher back after losing it?

you can't get it back once you lose it..you have to apply it again..all over again..unless the decision that was made to terminate your voucher is reversed later on appeal.

Can a felon get a section 8 housing voucher?

Each Housing Authority has its own rules regarding felony convictions and living in a public housing unit or receiving a housing choice voucher. However, federal regulations p

Can you get a section 8 voucher if you have a old felony?

  It depends on the severity of the felony and if the felon is a registered sex offender. Each housing authority has the right to make its decision on the basis of a felon

Can you cancel your section 8 housing voucher?

Yes, but do you really want to? It is an entitlement program.Canceling such is a personal decision you must make. But remember,if you do, and you want to return to the program

Will you lose your section 8 voucher if you are evicted on section 8?

Absolutely! If you're on the Voucher program and you are evicted, you lose your voucher and may not be able to regain it for at least five years, depending on the rules set by

What states are absorbing section 8 voucher?

It's not that simple. There are dozens & hundreds of Public Housing Authorities in each state. Therefore every state (and territory) has some PHAs that are billing and some th

When would you receive your section 8 vouchers?

If your name is on the waiting list, it will advance as a voucher becomes available to the next family. When your name comes up you will be notified by the Housing Authority t

When will section 8 vouchers be available?

It is very unlikely that they will be available any time within the next two years. Because of our present economy very few new entitlement services will become available.