What is A soft lump below rib cage on right side?

soft oblong lump under right side rib cage. I have had stomach problems for about 6 weeks now. I just noticed the lump last week and had my doctor look at it. I just had a ct (MORE)

My dog has a lump on his side by his rib-cage and if you touch it it fells like it is full of liquid what is this?

My dog had something similar on the back of her leg. She is 12 years old now. When we went to the vet they took a film sample from the cyst and found that it was just a fatty (MORE)

What could a tender lump on right side of rib cage mean?

The first thing I'd expect it to be is an insect sting or bite. It's also possibly a tumor or cyst, but then I need to mention (as everyone worries) that malignant tumors gene (MORE)
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What is underneath the rib cage on the right side?

The lung. In the human body, the left lung is slightly smaller to make space for the heart. On the right - the whole space behind the rib-cage is take up by the lung.

What is the lump above my rib cage?

For a few years I've had a hard swollen lump on top on my ribs cage directly above my right breast it's painful and recently has gotten bigger and more painful It's not soft i (MORE)