When do you espress breast milk when you want to combine breast feeding with feeding your baby with expressed milk?

You need to express breast milk between feedings when the baby will not be nursing. For example, if your baby feeds every 4 hours, you can manually express or pump milk 2 hour (MORE)
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At what age do stop breast feeding a baby?

7 years:. The anthropologically normal age to stop breastfeeding is round about age 7. Hence the phrase "milk teeth" and the fact that children start to loose their milk teet (MORE)

When do you stop feed your puppy their mommy milk?

\nNormally, the mother will stop providing them the milk, or the puppies will stop attempting to drink the milk. It's best to get them to drink it for as long as possible till (MORE)
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What age do you stop feeding baby ducks?

Farm ducks need feed everyday. Domestic ducks are dependent on the feed a farmer provides and only supplement their feed on a pond and around the yard. You do not "stop" feedi (MORE)

When can the cat's stop feeding their babies?

A Mother cat would normally stop feeding their kittens around 6-8 weeks after giving birth to them, the mother cat would stop feeding them and start to push them off because t (MORE)

When should you stop breast feeding your baby?

The simple truth is that the best way for a mother to nourish her child is by breast feeding. This is an undisputed medical fact. By breast feeding, a mother not only feeds he (MORE)