Your son has his biological father last name but he did not sign the birth certificate you want to add a name and put your last name on the bith certificate?

up until the child is one year of age it is free to change the child's name first last and middle i did! after a year there is a fee depending on where you live but all you ne (MORE)

If you are married and the child is not your husbands can you put the biological fathers name on the birth certificate?

Answer . Yes, but you will have to let them know generally they put the husband as father weather he is or not it is assumed.. Answer . It depends on where you live. If y (MORE)
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If a woman is married and her husband signs birth certificate and it is not his child does the biological father have to pay child support?

This question is a complicated one in that the laws of paternity do not necessarily establish the biological father as the father for child support purposes but rather look to (MORE)

Your husband wants to adopt your child but he is not the biological father. The father's name is not on the birth certificate. What should you do?

It probably is the case then that he can do so without the biological father signing off. You would need to get some legal advice to follow up on adoption. Clarificat (MORE)