Your son bought and gave you a plant that has a tag that says Zantedeschia aethiopica but the flowers it is producing are almost black should you just use it as a container plant?

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How do you plant roses bought in containers?

Answer . \ndig a hole and build a mound in middle of hole and lay roots of rose on mound in hole and fill with dirt but I always soak my rose in a bucket of water for 24 hrs before I plant

Can you start outdoor Yucca plants from seeds My Mom Has one and gave me seeds from the flower stem in the fall. How do we start them to produce beeautiful plants?

easy to grow yucca . I am not sure a yucca grown in a house will produce viable seeds. I have always heard that the yucca needs pollination by a species of moth (which would not be in your house).Best thing is to collect seeds from a wild yucca. If you have seeds then put them in a plastic box (k ( Full Answer )

What is a flower especially a plant that produces fruit?

By definition all fruit is produced by the ovary of the flower of flowering plants, so here's a partial list:. acai acorn squash apple-berries apples apricots avacados bananas barberries bearberries beechnuts bilberries black eyed peas blackberries blueberries blue tongu ( Full Answer )

How do you get a hydrangea plant to produce flowers after planting them out side?

If you put the hydrageas in the ground, they should bloom all on their own. If they are already blooming, you might lose those blooms but hydrangeas are pretty hearty. If you don't get additional blooms later the summer you put them in the ground, they will certainly bloom again the following year. ( Full Answer )

What does a plant use to produce energy?

"the sun More accurately, plants don't prouce energy they just change it between different forms. In photosynthesis they convert energy from light and carbon dioxide, into energy stored as glucose. Plants may then also use this glucose in respiration, converting the stored chemical energy i ( Full Answer )

What is a plant that produces seeds but not flowers?

Gymnosperms are non flowering plants. They produce seeds, but not flowers. Their examples include coniferous and gingko trees; fern or palm resembling cycads of the subtropics and tropics; and tropical evergreen trees, shrubs and woody vines in the scientific order Gnetales . Flowering plants are ( Full Answer )

What plants produce flowers and fruit?

Angiosperms are plants that produce flowers andfruits. Specifically, the name combines the Greek words angeion ("vessel") and spermos ("relating to seed"). It designatesseeds which are enclosed in ovaries. The ovaries ultimately turninto fruits, and its ovules ultimately turn into the seeds of ( Full Answer )

How do plants use flowers and fruits?

Attraction of pollinators and of seed dispersers are the uses which plants have for their flowery and fruity body parts. Specifically, flowers attract pollinators such as bats and insects in order to produce fruit and then seed. Fruits attract consumers such as birds and mammals, which eliminate ( Full Answer )

What seed plant produces flowers?

Angiosperms are seed plants which produce flowers. Specifically, the word designates the flowering group of the plant kingdom. It is derived from the Latin word angiospermae . The Latin word in turn traces back to the combination of the ancient Greek words angeion for "vessel" and sperma for ( Full Answer )

Can plants and their flowers produce electric charge?

'I'm writing a sci/fi book but if we go back to flies eating plant that would great an em field at what pulse I could not tell you as I my self is looking for the same similar answer

Does a flowering potato plant produce seeds?

Yes , some do there are many hundreds of kinds of potatos, some produce seeds , some do not. If there is a green cherry tomato like bulb it will have about 100 seeds in it. These will grow a potato plant. But most people use the potato with it eyes cut up so that each piece has a couple of eyes on i ( Full Answer )

Group of plants that produces seeds in the flower?

angiosperms Both angiosperms and gymnosperms produce seeds from the flower. That is why the flower is there. An angiosperm produces seed enclosed in a pericarp. Gymnosperms are characterized by the ovules not being enclosed in an ovary .

What seed-producing plants with flowers?

Angiosperms. Both Angiosperms and Gymnosperms produce seed therefore have flowers however insignificant. The term Spermaphyte covers all plants that produce flowers.

What does the plant use the sugars produced for?

A plant uses the sugar for energy. They use less during the winter because they are dormant , while during the summer they use a lot more sugar for energy; for photosynthesis

How are flowering plants important to us?

Flowering plants provide us with fruit and vegetables to eat. Theyprovide food for animals as well. They also remove poisons from theenvironment. And they inspire all of us with their beauty.

What flowers should you plant to avoid bees?

Avoiding bees can be very tough but you should know that the bee population is very low this year so you should be encouraging them not getting rid of them!!!!!! I would be intrested to know if you eat honey is ye sthen you don't deserve to own a garden you monsotouros person!!!! :) Long live the ( Full Answer )

Why do plants use flowers for?

the flowers contain male and female reproductive structures, so flowers are used for reproduction which is the production of seeds.

What is a good flower to plant in a container?

I once had to do a project similar to that so from my experience a good plant to plant in a jar is the nicotine plant that is not used for cigarettes but a different type

You just planted your flowers in pots using garden soil is it ok?

Yes you can use garden soil, but it would be best to fertilize the plants regularly as the soil may have been depleted of some of its nutrients. Potting soil is preferable because: 1. It's free of insects, molds, etc. that could harm your plants. 2. It's made to a consistency that encourages p ( Full Answer )

Flowers should you plant?

What type of flowers you should plant depends on what the climate is where you live, what season you want to do your planting, if you want annuals that die every year or perennials that come back each year on their own, whether the plants will be planted in a sunny area or shady area, how much water ( Full Answer )

What is the use for rose plant flowers?

Because it gives it a smell and flavour. For a list of plants and its uses from the world please email

Why does a plant with a red flowers produce seeds that will grow into a plant with flowers of the same color?

The simple answer is genetic traits. For example, if a father of a child has black hair, but the mother has red hair, their would be about a 50/50 chance for the babies hair to be other. Of course, if the grandmother was blonde, their would be a small chance of the baby being blonde, too. But in pla ( Full Answer )

What is a plant producer besides a flower?

Plants are green & have autotrophic mode of nutrition. Therefore they prepare their own food by the process of photosynthesis. Whereas flowers are not green because they do not have green photosynthetic pigment called chloroplasts.

What nutrients helps plants produce flowers?

Yes, I believe that potassium (potash in other words. not same thing but close) is the nutrient used to make plants produce flowers. If I'm wrong I will jump off a medium sized (toy) building...

How do plants produce fruits and seeds from flowers?

Flowers comprise basically of the male and female reproductiveorgans of the plant; the petals are the primary attracting agentfor insects and animals which are the vectors for pollination. Simply, the process of polination involves moving the pollen fromthe anthers to the stigma of the plant, this ( Full Answer )

What if flowers don't produce on plant?

that problem only happens when you either got the wrong seeds or you didnt treat correctly or either a animal eats it that rarely happens if your a good plant keeper ,but if your not you might want to treat properly.

What is on a plant tag?

On a plant tag there is the amount of sunlight needed, ideal temperture range, food, and water.

Which plants should be placed in a container garden?

The plants one should place in a container garden will vary according to one's taste. Smaller plants will work best and one's that are happy being indoors. Begonia, polka dot plants and Hedera make good container plants.

How do animals help flowering plants produce and how do the animals benefit?

Animals help flowering plants by simply generating its seeds. This way pollination between plants happen and fruits were created. The fruits are now available for animal's consumption. The plants are now able to reproduce as well. This is how they benefit from helping the plants transfer its pollen

How long does it take Naked Lady plants to produce flowers?

Naked Lady plants bloom in August. But if you moved them this year,they may refuse to bloom until next year. The real name isamaryllis belladonna. Make sure you plant it in full sun or thatmay cause it not to bloom.

Does a male papaya plant produce flowers?

The Carica papaya or pawpaw plant comes in three sexes: male, female and hermaphrodite The male papaya plant only produces flowers with pollen. They can never make fruit. Almost all commercial papaya orchards contain only hermaphrodites.

Where does a flowering plant contain its seeds?

The seeds form after the the flowers die off. Often some kind ofseed pod will form eg pea or bean or the seeds will be at the baseof the flower after the flower dies off.