What is better sony TV or Samsung TV?

Well.. I cant say Sony. Their 2007-2008 LCD TVs are recalled because they may melt by overheating and catch fire. This is the notice in Sony US official website (http://esuppo (MORE)

How do you set the menu on a TV VCR combo without the remote?

I don't know... Who do you think I am? Dexter of Dexter's labutory? Kidding yeah... Sometimes you can't. Check the instruction manual or if you haven't got it type the make an (MORE)

How do you switch from TV to DVD on sony TV?

This depends on the TV model. On mine I use the remote and change from cable to DVD or PS3 or just slide a disc in my PS3 and it turns on the HDTV and PS3 and switches by itse (MORE)

How do you enlarge screen in USB mode in BX300 sony Bravia tv?

Please do not continue your question in the answer section of the page. If you need more information for a different question, ask that question separately. The resolution (MORE)