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When to use I or me?

"I" is always the subject of a verb, and never, but never, oh no, not EVER the object of a verb or a preposition. "Me" is always the object of a verb or a preposition. Read to (MORE)
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When do you use is and are?

  Is is used in a sentence referring to a someone in the third person view (he, she, it). Examples: He is going to the movies; she is now home; it is very hot. Are is used (MORE)

When is an used and not a?

  "An" is used before all words beginning with a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) or an unaspirated h eg   An apple, an orange, an awful day   An hour, an hotel, an historic day  (MORE)

When to use does not did not do not?

He/she does not (believe) you. Present tense singular. For example - as of now "he/she does not believe you". We/they do not (believe) you. Present tense plural. For example (MORE)
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How do you use if?

If a picture paints a thousand words, I'll not know where to go.    If a man could be two places at one time I'd be with you-   Tomorrow AND today; beside you all t (MORE)
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When do you use 'has'?

He/She/It/singular noun + has I/You/We/They/Plural noun + have have/has can mean "own" = "possess": I have a car. = I own a car. He has a camera.= He owns a camera. Ha (MORE)
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When we use Is he or does he?

"Is he" is used to ask a characteristic or state of a man. For example, "Is he strong?" and "Is he in trouble?" "Does he" is used to ask if a man does a certain action. For ex (MORE)
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When do you use '?

If you mean the apostrophe (the key to the right of the  colon/semicolon on the keyboard), there are two uses in English:  (1) It stands in the place where one or more lette (MORE)

How do you use its' and its?

The word its' does not exist. "It's" is a contraction of it is. If  you can use the words "It is" and it still makes sense, "it's" is  correct. "Its" is a possessive meaning (MORE)