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What animals will share the most genes?

The animals that will share the most genes are those that are the  most closely related. Supporting theories that human evolved from  primates, humans share a lot of genetic

What are 3 characteristics that all animals share?

They all are multicellular, they all have eukaryotic cells, and  they all are consumers.   Also, all animals are heterotrophs, meaning that they cannot make  their own f

What animals share their habitat with elephants?

Some animals that share their habitat with the Elephants are: . Lions . Leopards . Zebra . Gazelle . Wildebeest . Giraffe . Wild Buffaloes . etc... .

What are the features that animals and plants share?

Both are living things. Animals and plants are both multicellular. Plants carry out the processes of photosynthesis and respiration, while animals are only capable of respirat

What characteristic does animals and plants share?

Well needless to say, one of the characteristics that animals and plants share is life! Both require proper nourishment to survive, including water and even food. There are ma

What does per person sharing mean?

Phone the Hotel and ask them and when you find out, let me know too because everyone has a different answer to it.  My guess is that it costs x amount for each person sharin
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Do animals have personalities?

  Answer     Yes animals have their own personalities. In our daily we come accross many animals like dog, horse etc., which shows their own style of reaction fo