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Another word for after?

  "After" in a prepositional phrase might be replaced with the adverb "subsequently",or "thereafter" (then). The preposition "once" is often erroneously used as "after", e

What is another word for have?

The word "have" has synonyms including own, possess, or retain. has

What another word for another noun?

Some synonyms for the noun 'noun' are:    word   genitive   gerund   common noun   proper noun   concrete noun   abstract noun   mass noun 

What is another word for it has?

"It" is a pronoun used in place of a noun. So you are looking to replace "has" which is the verb in the sentence. "Has" is a "passive verb", one of the forms of "have". You sh

Another word for about?

In reverse, around, back, here and there, around, approximately, nearly, practically, regarding, apropos, in connection with, surrounding...