About: The Orange Guy
The Orange Guy started out as an icon for a quick promo ad and has turned into one of the most memorable images on our site. Now he (the brainchild of renowned illustrator Leo Blanchette) has officially joined the Answers.com family.
Name: Orange Guy
Location: Everywhere the community goes
Current profession: The Answers.com Community Mascot
Past professions: Pirate, Mailman, Secret Agent, Racecar driver, Chef, Scientist, Writer...
Hobbies: Helping community members around WikiAnswers.
The Orange Guy has been gracing our pages for almost two years now, striking a chord with many of our users. You've probably seen him on your badges or sneaking around our Help Center. Originally he played a small role on a promo ad, then went on to star in a few of our awards and certificates. Since then he's been used all over the site, and in versatile subjects ranging from a mailman to a physician.
Leo came up with the concept of the orange man as a way to give momentum to his stock portfolio.
Blanchette says it was more by accident that the Orange Guy has a great balance of "cute" and "professional" with his big head, chubby extremities, lack of facial features, and puffy-cartoon body.
"Paint the town orange."
-Leo Blanchette