Working with Alternates


People often ask the same question in many different ways, all looking for the same answer. WikiAnswers recognizes that people have their own styles of speaking, and our site builds on that idea. We call these different versions of the same question Alternate Wordings.

Contributors create alternates when they say a question is the same as an existing one during the Ask process. Alternates can also be manually added at any time using the Edit Alternate Wordings link located on the left in the menu area. Keeping track of alternate wordings makes questions much easier to find and prevents people from asking and answering the same questions again and again.

Managing alternates:


There are two alternate tiers. The first tier is limited to 100 questions and is reserved for alternates that contain proper spelling and grammar. The second or lower tier can handle an unlimited number of questions and is reserved for questions that contain errors and typos. If you merge two questions together, their combined total of first-tier alternates can be up to 200. But try to keep the number down if you can.

Feel free to move questions back and forth where they belong. If you spot any on the list that really don't belong, split them from the question and move them into the appropriate category, or merge them with another existing question.

The only time that you should be fixing spelling and grammar errors in an alternate is if you split off an alternate, making it an independent primary question. As shown below, there are batch tools available when working with alternates to expedite the process.

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