Celebrity Guidelines

Determining Celebrity Status:

For the purpose of properly handling celebrity questions on the site, here are some tips on determining whether someone meets celebrity status.

Definition of celebrity: wide recognition; fame; renown; a famous or well-publicized person.

Tips for determining if a person meets celebrity status:

  • A Google search yields "significant coverage" (many links and/or images related to this person - beyond just a trivial mention).
  • They have a Wikipedia page (articles must meet Wikipedia standards for notability, which determine whether a topic merits its own article).
  • They have authored one or more published books available for sale in bookstores (not self-published or self-promoted).

Examples of who would meet celebrity status:

  1. CEOs or key executives of large, public or well-known companies
  2. Models, singers, actors, composers, artists, fashion designers, etc. (who have received significant coverage)
  3. Authors, bloggers and journalists (who have received significant coverage or publish/write on a mainstream/well-known level)
  4. Families that have notable ancestors or are known nationally (or internationally) for their wealth and/or influence
  5. Presidents and other politicians
  6. Well-known athletes, coaches, and team owners
  7. Humanitarian leaders
  8. Religious leaders and activists
  9. Well-known Internet personas
  10. Well-known trial lawyers
  11. Notable scientists and astronauts

Celebrity Contact Information:

Because celebrities are public figures, we allow their contact information on the site.

When you find a question that is asking for a celebrity or public figure's contact information, it should not be merged into any of our catch-all questions.

Many of the standard questions have already been created for the more popular celebrities, so please search for an existing question and merge if applicable. If a new one needs to be created, please adhere to these guidelines:

  • Where possible, the question should be rephrased into one of the standard format examples listed under the Standard Question Formats heading.
  • The question should be categorized into the Celebrity Fan Contact Information category.
  • It should be answered with appropriate information.

There are usually three concerns regarding celebrity information and why it should or should not be posted:

  1. Legality — Is it legal to post a celebrity's official fan mail contact information? Yes.
  2. Vandalism and Protecting Questions — Celebrity questions are sometimes the targets of vandalism, but please do not protect a question with an unsatisfactory answer.

    If the question gets hit with repeated vandalism and you want to protect it, then do the research, find the celebrity contact information and add an answer first. If you are having a hard time finding an answer, please see this question for some great resources: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_find_information_about_celebrities
  3. Quality — As a Q&A site, we have an obligation to provide the best possible answers. Please do not state "WikiAnswers does not provide this info" or "The answer is not known at this time" or any other disclaimers. In order to encourage answering, please add a partial answer or don’t answer at all.

Standard Question Formats:

What is (celebrity name)'s official fan mail postal address?
Merge questions asking the celebrity's postal address into this question.

What is (celebrity name)'s official fan mail email address?
Merge questions asking the celebrity's email address or instant message ID into this question. Answer it with the celebrity's official fan club email address (if there is one).

What is (celebrity name)'s official fan phone number?
Merge questions asking for the phone number and cell number of celebrities into this question. If you find a SayNow.com page or a page on the celebrity's official website listing a fan line, include it in the answer and add a related link to it.

What is (celebrity name)'s official MySpace page?
Merge questions asking for the celebrity's MySpace page.

What is (celebrity name)'s official Facebook page?
Merge questions asking for the celebrity's Facebook page.

What is (celebrity name)'s official Twitter account?
Merge questions asking for the celebrity's Twitter account.

What is (celebrity name)'s official fan YouTube channel?
Merge questions asking about a celebrity's YouTube channel.

What is (celebrity name)'s official website?
Merge questions asking for a celebrity's website.

Where can you find pictures of (celebrity name)?
Merge questions asking for nude pictures or otherwise inappropriate photos of celebrities (for instance autopsy photos of dead celebrities) into this question.

What is (celebrity name)'s sexual orientation?
Categorize into the Celebrity Sexual Orientation category. Merge questions asking whether the celebrity is homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual into this question.

Celebrity Personal Information:

Any questions related to personal information about a celebrity should be merged into the parallel fan-related questions.

For example:

What is (celebrity name)'s phone number? should be merged into

What is (celebrity name)'s official fan phone number?

What is (celebrity name)'s email address? should be merged into

What is (celebrity name)'s official fan mail email address?

What is (celebrity name)'s house address? should be merged into

What is (celebrity name)'s official fan mail postal address?

Underage Celebrity Questions:

People often post questions on Answers.com pertaining to underage celebrities. Some of these questions are inappropriately asking about sex, sexual development, or sexual orientation.

Do not address the sexuality of an underage celebrity, even if there are comments already on public record. Add the inappropriate question to the What is inappropriate subject matter for WikiAnswers catch-all.

Examples of inappropriate questions:

Is Dakota Fanning a virgin?
When did Abigail Breslin need her first training bra?
Does Dakota Fanning have pubic hair?
What is Justin Bieber's sexual preference?
Where can you find nude pictures of Amanda Cosgrove?

List of popular underage celebrities:

Celebrity Impersonation:

Celebrity impersonation is not permitted. If a user claims to be a celebrity—either in answers, on a profile page, on message boards, in forums, or in a username—the user will be asked to email us from an email address at one of the celebrity’s official websites. If such an email is not received within 48 hours, the username will be changed to a random username and the account will be suspended.

Celebrity Relationships:

Celebrity relationships are often a source of great interest to the general public, so it makes sense that there are many answers, opinions, and rumors to respond to.

The whole fun of gossip is that users add in comments from interviews, magazines, the latest findings on TV, and even their own opinions or theories based on pictures, rumors, etc.

When a question is asked based on rumor or speculation and the answer is unknown, it is our policy to leave in multiple opinions and represent different viewpoints. Answers written purely to defame or harm celebrities are not allowed.

Tips for Answering Celebrity Questions:

If you don't know the answer, try a quick search for a similar question, or search for an article on Answers.com. We might already have some information about that person. If you still find nothing, please refer to this question, where we have added links to some excellent celebrity-specific resources:


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