Community Etiquette

Remember that this is a community of people. You may not see them over your backyard fence, but these "usernames" are actual people... they are your neighbors!

How to get help:

If you feel you need help working out a sticky situation with a fellow Contributor or Supervisor, or if you have any suggestions for these guidelines, please send an email to: CommunityAdvisor @ (no spaces).


  • Focus on the global goals.
    • Except for vandals and spammers, we all share a common goal: to grow the ultimate Q&A resource with collaborative answers on any topic.
  • Practice patience and keep your cool.
    • Treat others how you would like to be treated if the situation were reversed. Most contributors don't mean any harm.
  • Try constructive criticism.
    • A fellow contributor might be more responsive to criticism if you explain what you mean in helpful detail. It's a better approach than complaining to someone about their work without offering alternative solutions. It also helps to begin with a compliment; find something good about the contribution in question, and then explain where it could be improved.
  • Review the situation and get second opinions.
    • Write to the Community Advisors or a Supervisor you trust for a second opinion. It may help you see the situation more clearly.
  • Remember to give the benefit of the doubt.
    • Some of us are new and just starting to learn the ropes (and there are a lot of ropes!) while others are experienced and forgot what it's like to be new... but we all deserve to be given a chance.
  • Never make personal attacks.
    • Once insults are thrown, the situation has gone too far: you probably have stopped listening to each other. It's time for an intermediary. > Wiki Answers > Help Center > Community Etiquette