Forum Policies & Guidelines

Welcome to our Community Forum at This is where the site's Wikiholics come to ask questions, get advice, and just chat about our unique Q&A resource. Before you jump in, please take a moment to review our ground rules. These policies are not brief, but they have been created to foster the best experience possible.

A summary of our policies:

  1. The Community Forum is here for thoughtful, civil discussion. Be respectful of your fellow contributors.
  2. No profane, pornographic, illegal, or other content in violation of our Terms of Use will be tolerated in the forum.
  3. For your safety, please do not post personal contact or location information on the forum.
  4. No business advertisements. Do not spam the forum with information about your website or business. You are free to post business information on your profile page.

These forum guidelines are enforced in accordance with our Terms of Use. If you observe the aforementioned policies you should have an enjoyable and productive stay in our Community Forum.

Our policies in detail:

  1. Respect & Attitude members are expected to act and post respectfully. We have a zero-tolerance policy in dealing with personal attacks or other abuse (either in the forum or on personal message boards). See our Cyberbullying Policy.

    If a member is hostile or abusive in a discussion, this is not grounds for you to act inappropriately as well. Instead, take a positive approach even to communication which seems negative. Chances are, the other person will respond positively. If you are the recipient of any threats or mistreatment, please contact Support.

    Please honor our desire to keep this a pleasant and welcoming place for contributors.

  2. Avoid Baiting

    Baiting is when you try to evoke an improper or inflammatory response from another contributor. This can cause arguments that could lead to disruption of the community. Baiting will not be tolerated on the site.

  3. Inappropriate Material

    Posts that are sexually explicit, violent (especially gory), or that contain other inappropriate imagery are not acceptable. Links to this content are similarly unacceptable.

  4. Links / Spam / Advertisements

    The Community Forums are not to be used as a free marketing tool. Use of the forums to distribute unsolicited advertisements will not be tolerated. You are free to promote yourself on your profile page.

    Examples of unacceptable content include:

    • Advertising or linking to commercial services or products (including those on 3rd party auction or other e-commerce sites)
    • Posting links that include affiliate or personal referral codes
    • Directing visitors to your own website
    • Requests for financial assistance for yourself or others
    • Requests for romantic companionship
  5. General Policies
    1. Discussion vs. Chatting The forums are mainly for discussion. If you would like to chat, please use the "Just Chatting" area. If you would like to contact someone specifically, please use that person's message board or private email (be aware that message boards are also public, and anyone can see your conversations: limitations on language and content still apply).
    2. Appropriate Subjects Use a descriptive subject when posting that avoids foul language and is still clear. For instance, rather than using "Arrrrgh" or "I'm stuck," describe the situation or your need for assistance. Is there a bug? Did you find a vandal? Is an answer closed to editing that really needs help? Inappropriate or non-specific subjects will be edited.
    3. Readable Writing Using emoticons and colored text or even capital letters is appropriate when used sparingly, but please do not write most or all of your post using abbreviations, slang, emoticons, capitals, too much punctuation, or colored text.
    4. Articles, Links, and Plagiarism When you have a lot of information to share from another source, please only post a small quotation or excerpt. Posting the entire article, even saying where it comes from, can violate some laws. Posting it as though it were your own is plagiarism. Instead, post the link to the original site where you found the article.
    5. Signatures On the forum it is okay to sign your posts, but please keep signatures short and do not distract from the discussion with advertisements, long jokes, or quotations.
    6. Placement in Proper Topic Please post in the correct thread (topic). Posts may be moved to a more relevant topic area.
    7. Thread Participation Do not exclude other members from participating in threads based on characteristics such as ethnicity, gender, nationality, political affiliation, or religious affiliation.
    8. Flooding Please do not flood the forum with duplicate or repeated requests or remarks.
    9. Trust Point Exchanges Do not use the forum to offer or solicit trust points.
    10. Discussing Disciplinary Actions Posts that discuss disciplinary actions taken by against any user (including the poster) are prohibited. If you have concerns regarding a disciplinary action, please send a private message to Community Advisor.
    11. Thread Locked or Removed Once a thread has been locked or removed, do not discuss it further on the forum. If you have concerns regarding a thread that was locked or removed, please send a private message to Community Advisor. > Wiki Answers > Help Center > Forum Policies & Guidelines