Community Guidelines is a question-and-answer community, where visitors share what they know and ask about what they don't. While this is not a site flooded with rules and policies, we do have some simple guidelines that we ask all participants to follow:

  • Share your knowledge for the greater good
  • Be respectful of and courteous to other contributors
  • Properly categorize the questions you ask
  • Walk the wiki way

What not to do on

Spamming and vandalizing the site. Our goal is to produce and provide quality content. Therefore, affiliate links and other forms of no-quality content are not permitted as answers on the site. Promoting something through loaded questions and answers is considered spam. Self-promotion or promotion of a business or organization should be reserved for Profile Pages. Vandalizing, on the other hand — such as replacing answers with false or useless information — is never permitted.

Venting, passionately debating and flaming. is not the place for voicing personal frustrations or engaging in heated debates or flame wars. Most people appreciate a direct answer to their question and can do without gratuitous unpleasantness from someone having a bad day. Ranting about issues will not be tolerated.

Belligerently preaching and forcibly imposing your opinions and beliefs upon others. Put yourself in the reader's shoes and ask whether you are providing factual, useful information or trying to persuade. For instance, rather than making an unequivocal statement such as "All pit bulls bite and are extremely aggressive!" a better choice might be to say, "According to the American Kennel Society, many pit bulls have been known to bite and have some aggressive tendencies."

Cyberbullying and harassing other contributors or individuals who do not participate on Bullying and harassing are not new behaviors, but unfortunately, the increase in Internet usage is directly correlated with an increase in these acts of aggression, called cyberbullying. Threatening, embarrassing, impersonating a celebrity/individual or willfully targeting a minor or other individual is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated on

Using obscenities and insults. We have contributors from all over the world and of all ages visiting Therefore we ask that you refrain from using vulgar language or posting explicit sexual content.

"Blanking" good answers. When someone deletes a good answer in its entirety, it is known as "blanking" — a mild form of vandalism. We encourage the wiki way of answering, which is adding to or editing existing posts.

Placing personal references in questions and answers. Posting the personal details, such as names and contact information, of everyday folks is also a form of vandalism and violates our Terms of Use.

Signing answers. Unlike other Q&A sites, we are based on the wiki concept, which means that anyone from anywhere has the ability to edit and modify existing posts. There is no ownership of answers (unless the question is asking for opinions), so signing answers is discouraged. This includes comments such as "Hope this helps."

Breaking the law or giving harmful advice. All federal, state and local laws must be adhered to when contributing. Do not engage in malicious activity or post information that could hurt others.

Adding malicious links. You are encouraged to post links to other sites and resources that specifically answer the questions being asked. Do not add links that contain viruses or other harmful programs. Please see the Linking Guidelines for more information.

In this open wiki environment, tolerance is vital. We ask that you respect the rights of others. Sometimes there is a very fine line between freedom of expression and being a nuisance or worse, so please use your best judgment. When in doubt, send us a message at WikiAnswers @ (no spaces).

Your Account and Access to the Site:

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