Community Outreach Program

The Community Outreach program is a program to heighten community awareness; in other words, to spread a little love and to make all contributors feel welcome and valued as members of the community.

WikiGuides are members of Community Outreach who inspire community bonding by performing various actions, including meeting and greeting new contributors, scouting for our most talented contributors, spreading well-wishes, and chatting with their neighbors on the Community Forum.

Included in the program are the specialist divisions listed below, but WikiGuides are not limited to only one division, and may participate in all. We also sponsor occasional events that include the entire WA community, geared toward improving quality of Q&A's.

WikiGuides, or Community Outreach members, are folks who perform a number of activities geared toward fostering a positive community experience. They welcome new contributors, invite them to participate in special events, offer guidance, and help where they are needed.

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Become a member of Community Outreach

The Program Coordinator for Community Outreach is Robin. For information about the Community Outreach program or on how to become a WikiGuide, please contact CommunityOutreach @ (no spaces). To participate in the Community Outreach program as a Wikiguide, you must be at least 13 years of age or older. > Wiki Answers > Help Center > Community Outreach Program