How to Suggest a New Category on WikiAnswers

There are thousands of vibrant categories here on WikiAnswers. New questions are constantly being asked and answered, and answers are continually being improved upon.

If you have a special hobby or area of expertise and are interested in starting and growing a new category, please fill out this form to make a request.

For advice about growing categories, feel free to post a note on a Supervisor's message board; check out the list of current Supervisors.

Getting Started:

Once your category has been set up, you can begin to seed it with new questions and answers. This is called Pre-answering questions, using the form on the Pre-answering page.

It's possible that many Q&As related to the new category already exist in other categories. Recategorize these Q&As into the new category. To find them, use the Search (located in the upper right-hand corner of all pages).

To help your category come to life, try spreading the word to people you know, like colleagues, experts or hobbyists who could help answer questions. > Wiki Answers > Help Center > How to Suggest a New Category on WikiAnswers