Dispute Resolution

As a community site with real people participating in real time, Answers.com involves millions of contributors from diverse backgrounds. On top of that, it all happens online, where we can't always see, hear or appreciate the expressions and tones of our words.

Are you in a dispute?

You may feel, at times, that you were treated disrespectfully in an exchange or that contributions you made were deleted unfairly. You may not understand why a Supervisor took the action s/he did, or you may feel insulted by a fellow contributor.

Because contributors are valued on Answers.com, we encourage you to settle any disputes that may arise. Disputes may involve Q&A matters, insulting language, cyberbullying, miscommunications or anything else that makes you feel uncomfortable or wronged during your participation on Answers.com.

What to do if you find yourself in a dispute:

If you feel that you have become involved in a dispute with another Answers.com member, we encourage you to step forward and work to resolve it in order to keep the Answers.com Community intact as we all continue to build the world's fastest-growing Q&A database. There are a few ways to go about this.

Get advice:

For advice on how to proceed in a productive conversation with another member, see Community Etiquette.

Seek help from an intermediary:

If you feel you need an intermediary to work through a dispute with you, or if you need further advice, contact the Answers.com Community Advisor: CommunityAdvisor @ Answers.com (no spaces). Please include the following information:

  • A relevant subject line, like Answers.com dispute resolution (or similar)
  • Your username
  • Other usernames involved
  • Nature of the complaint
    • I'm a contributor with an issue concerning a Supervisor
    • I'm a contributor with an issue concerning another contributor
    • I'm a Supervisor with an issue concerning another Supervisor
    • I'm a Supervisor with an issue concerning a contributor
    • I'm not sure how I got into this situation, but I need advice
    • Other
  • Your complaint in detail (include as many useful details as possible)

Know that any details you supply will be used to help us resolve the situation in a safe environment.

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