Editing Questions

Questions can be edited for clarity and relevance; some questions may have bad spelling or grammar that needs to be fixed. Questions can also be made more universal or generic so they can be helpful to many people instead of just one person.

Contributors who are logged in and have made a certain number of contributions are able to improve questions.

Ideally, every question should be a single, simple, complete sentence in easy-to-read English (unless it belongs in a non-English language category).

To edit a question:

  1. Click on Improve question under Question tools in the Tools menu. You can also click the Improve link that is inline with the question.
  2. Correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar. Remove slang, irrelevant comments or vulgarity and add appropriate, relevant wording.
  3. To save your changes to the question, click Save.
  4. Feel free to send a message to any contributor who uses vulgarity or other inappropriate words, asking them to use appropriate language. Link to the WikiAnswers Styleguide and Vandals and Spammers policy when necessary.

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Additional guidelines:

  • Spelling and grammar may seem trivial, but good grammar and correct spelling is very important for connecting users to the information they seek.
    • If one person asks "Repare flat tir on 87 Camero?" all the people who are searching for "flat tire" or "1987 Camaro" won't be able to find it. A contributor might have spent time writing out a helpful, thoughtful answer that only a few people will ever see.
  • Make questions as universal and generic as possible.
    • Let's say someone asks "How do you change the oil on a blue-striped 1987 Camaro in Peoria Illinois?" The question and its answer would be just as applicable if the car had a different paint job or if the owner lived somewhere other than Peoria. So, the question would be better worded as "How do you change the oil in a 1987 Camaro?"
  • Avoid opinion questions. By definition, these can't be answered objectively; it is easy to convert a question that asks for an opinion to one that asks about opinions.
    • You can change "What do you think about the Iraq war?" to "What are opinions on the Iraq war?" or "What are arguments for and against US involvement in Iraq?"
  • Use a general format for similar questions.
    • Instead of having different formats for questions with similar directions, like...
      • Meaning of Italy's flag colors?
      • What does France's flag colors mean?
      • Colors of Japan's flag means what?
      • ...they could be edited to read:

      • What do the colors of the flag of Italy represent?
      • What do the colors of the flag of France represent?
      • What do the colors of the flag of Japan represent?

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