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Personalize WikiAnswers! Learn more about the five features you can adjust according to your preferences:

My Profile:

Use your Profile to tell others about yourself... or use this bit of personal real estate to promote a business or organization with logos and links. You'll get some great exposure, because WikiAnswers is one of the fastest-growing sites on the Web!

Check out some of our tips for customizing your Profile.

My Contributions:

Each time you ask or answer a question, or make any other edit or contribution on WikiAnswers, it is recorded somewhere on the site. You can access your complete history of contributions by selecting the My Contributions link from the left toolbox. You can choose how many contributions you would like to view at one time (20, 50, 100 or 250).

My Message Board:

Message Boards are the primary way that contributors communicate with one another on WikiAnswers. You can use the Message Boards to thank someone for answering your question, ask for clarification on something that has been posted, or simply send a shout out.

To post a message on another contributor's board, just click on their name in any post they have made. You'll be brought to their Profile, which includes a link to their Personal Message Board. Post your comment in the space provided, and click Post this message.

To access your own Message Board, click My Message Board on the left toolbox. When you receive a message, a highlighted alert will appear at the top of the left toolbox that says, "You have a new message." Click on this to go directly to the new post.

Although the Message Boards are for communicating with other contributors, they are not private. Anyone can read what's on them. Also keep in mind that Message Boards are not for posting questions or answers. This is what the rest of WikiAnswers is for!

Read more tips on how to use Message Boards.

My Settings:


Under My Pages on the left-hand menu, you will find a link called My Settings. This is where your control panel is located. In this area, you can pick and choose how you use and view WikiAnswers.

For example, you can let others know where you are from, change your password and select your email preferences.

There are also some advanced settings that you might want to check out.

A handy one is to mark answer edits as minor by default. When this is selected, your edits will not be included in the 'First answer by, Last edit by' contributions area. This is great if you often make simple spelling and grammar improvements, because it allows credit to stay with the last contributor who added or improved the actual content of an answer.

You also have an option to hide your own changes from your watchlist, which makes it easier to see other people's changes.

Whenever you modify your settings, be sure to save them before leaving the settings page.

My Watchlist:

Your watchlist is a tool for monitoring the activity in specific categories or in individual questions or discussions that interest you. When you sign in you will see a My watchlist link in your left-side menu.

How to follow questions and categories via your watchlist:

  • You can opt to automatically follow questions you've edited. In My Settings, select Follow pages you edit by default.
  • You can also manually select items. To follow an individual question, go to the question page and select Follow from the left toolbox. To follow an entire category, go to the category and click Follow from the left toolbox. To access your watchlist, click on the My watchlist link located in the left toolbox.
  • At the top of the watchlist page there is a button that says Edit. Click it to access the Edit watchlist page, where you can select or deselect items to follow. When you're finished making changes, click the Save button. You can modify your watchlist from this page at any time.
  • If you are following a question, new answers will be emailed to you as they are added and updated. If you are following a category, new questions and new answers from that category will be emailed to you on a daily basis. You can also monitor your watchlist on the web by clicking on the watchlist link. If at any point you wish to stop these updates, you can unfollow the question or category, unsubscribe directly from the email, or modify your email update settings on the My Settings page.

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