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Before you dive in, make sure to register to get credit for your contributions and set up a Profile. While many contributors choose to participate anonymously, it is not effective if you want to establish your presence on the site.

The easiest is to connect using your Facebook account. Click the Facebook icon and get started in a few seconds.

It is easy to create an username. Many contributors choose to make it the same as their business name, real name, or even their website URL. If you have a unique first name or last name, that might be a great way to be remembered on and off the site.

Create your profile

Often the first impression you give on is your Profile. Use it to explain who you are and why people should trust you.
  • Fill in your Profile with info about you, your business and your background. Get your message across with full disclosure of who you are; honesty is highly valued in the Q&A community.
  • Be sure to include links to your website, blog, LinkedIn profile, Twitter and wherever else you build your reputation online.
  • Get a little personal - this is a community where real people establish real relationships with each other. Choose your hobbies from the list provided and add a few photos that represent who you are.
Note that wherever you participate across the site, your username will be shown and linked to your Profile.

Find relevant Q&A

There are thousands of categories and millions of questions on the site. Find the ones that you can work on!


By contributing regularly on, you ensure that your name is noticed in Q&A histories, leaderboards and recent contribution lists. More importantly, if you work at specific categories, your name should be included in the Top Contributors stats.

Make sure your answers are helpful for the community; other members will know if your answers are purely promotional in nature or even spam, and they may replace your answers or even report you.

Here are a few tips for answering questions:
  • Give quality information that will benefit the asker. This is what gives you credibility.
  • Answer questions fairly and accurately. If appropriate, mention your product or service, and/or link to a relevant page on your own site.
  • There are times when adding a link really enriches the answer. On, links are not pasted directly into answers, however all links are added via the Related Links section. Only add relevant links whose content specifically addresses the answer. Most of the time, the homepage of your site is not the most relevant URL, but rather a page from within your site. Check out more info about adding related links.

  • For an example, refer to the screenshot below:
  • Eventually, you may decide you would make a great Category Supervisor. It's a big role, but your expertise and good contributions will be what qualify you. Find out more about becoming a Supervisor.


Half the fun of participating in a community is the interaction with your fellow members! Interact with other users who frequent the same categories. Use the following site features to follow up with other users or congratulate another contributor for a great answer:

You might also consider joining a program, like Community Outreach or WikiReviewers, in order to gain more out of your interactions and involvement within the community. There are over a dozen roles and badges you can earn on

Many contributors feel comfortable offering their email addresses to continue contact one-on-one behind the scenes. To be as accessible as possible, consider publicizing an email address in your messages or your Profile.

Examples contributors have been using their Q&A contributions to build their reputations. Check out the following examples and get inspired!
  • Insurance Plus - An insurance agent representing a Texas-based insurance agency.
  • GreenlightAV - An AV professional running a small business servicing the US and UK.
  • TopSavings.Net - An SEO and internet marketing guru with a small business.
  • Steven Keyman - A professional collector running an online guide on collectible baseball memorabilia.
  • Daniadenise - A model and actress in California with an art business.


Here are a few extra resources to utilize as you work on becoming a reputable contributor on > Wiki Answers > Online Reputation